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29 April 2014

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iO is a physics platformer in which the player controls a ball. By growing or shrinking the ball, players can influence its speed and weight. Using these mechanics players have to gain momentum and make their way through the 225 levels, toying with the laws of physics, solving the puzzles and reaching the exit as fast as possible. Win a gold medal in all levels!


At the Global Game Jam 2012, four programmers who never met before formed Team Extra. The team built a prototype with 5 playable levels which they named 'Size Matters'. Gamious’ Founder Pim was one of the judges who saw the game become location winner. After the GGJ, Gamious contacted the team. Together they turned the prototype into a fully polished version with the first 150 levels. The game was released on OUYA in April 2014, hit Steam December 2014. After Steam the game was visually enhanced: new graphics, new VFX and 75 new levels. This was a free update for Steam players. And the game has since been released on the App Store and Google Play. Currently the game is being prepared for Xbox One. The name iO was decided in a #NameTheGame contest right before the OUYA release. Over 300 people submitted a name and iO was chosen because of its short, abstract and unique character. All submitted names can be found in the credits of the game. One of the submitted names was used for iO's first DLC: The IMPOSSIBALL levels.


  • 225 challenging levels to solve, including the extra challenging Impossiball Levels.
  • Crafty mechanics like inversed gravity, portals, tricycles and movable objects.
  • Leaderboards per level to race against your friends and other iO players.
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold medals to earn.
  • Dual Stick controller support.


iO - The Irrisistiball Version YouTube

Meet iO - Gameplay Trailer YouTube


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download logo files as .zip (2MB)

Awards & Recognition

  • "GDC 2015 Honorable Mention 'Best in Play' category" San Francisco, United States
  • "IndieCade 2014 Finalist" Los Angeles, United States
  • "Dutch Game Awards 2014 Honorable Mention" Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • "European Innovative Games Award 2014 shortlist" Frankfurt, Germany
  • "Global Game Jam 2012 winner" Hilversum, Netherlands

Selected Articles

  • "After playing iO for about an hour we came to a conclusion that if the video games Tron and Super Monkey Ball made sweet, sweet love then iO would be the result."
    - Steve, OUYABREW
  • "iO provides an entertaining romp that’s sure to test both your reflexes and brain power."
    - Jarrett Riddle, True PC Gaming
  • "One of the most inventive brain puzzlers I have played for quite a while, all the laws of physics are here, and so will I be - for quite a while."
    - Dan Lee, I Have A Gadget
  • "iO is a smart physics puzzler that requires brainpower and a lot of trial and error."
    - Sander Noordijk, IGN Benelux

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About Gamious

We are Gamious, a game developer based in Haarlem, The Netherlands. We create original and accessible games with pure gameplay – games we love to play ourselves. We either self-publish, work with publishers, or a mix between these two, to get the games to the right platforms.

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iO Credits

Original Concept and Game Design
Roel van Heeswijk, Jeroen Matser, Pim Rutten, Sander Verbeek

Matti Groot, Tim Haerkens, Nick Kortleve, Jeroen Matser, Guido Oostermeijer, Pim Rutten, Luc Schols, Sander Verbeek

Roy van Bijsterveldt

Music and Sound Effects
Ronald van Wonderen

Level Design
Roy van Bijsterveldt, Jos Bouman, Pim Bouman, Achraf Cherabi, Koen Deetman, Roel van Heeswijk, Deloryan Hommers, Leon Klein Breteler, Aryeh Loeb, Jaap Prins, Coen van Tilburg, Glenn Verheij

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