A physics platformer about size, speed and momentum.
Toy with the laws of physics and make your way to the exit as fast as possible.

"For those who enjoy playing with balls, iO has plenty to show you."
Touch Arcade

"A highly addictive brain challenging game that will make you feel smarter as you finish each stage."
Gaming Cypher

"After playing iO for about an hour we came to a conclusion that if the video games Tron and Super Monkey Ball made sweet, sweet love then iO would be the result."

"One of the most inventive brain puzzlers I have played for quite a while, all the laws of physics are here, and so will I be - for quite a while."
I Have A Gadget

"iO provides an entertaining romp that’s sure to test both your reflexes and brain power."
True PC Gaming

"iO is a smart physics puzzler that requires brainpower and a lot of trial and error."
IGN Benelux